Indian Trail Presbyterian Church

200 S. Indian Trail Road • Indian Trail, North Carolina 28079

Loving God, Living the Word, Serving All

Welcome to Indian Trail Presbyterian Church! We are one small part of the family of God dedicated to glorifying God through worship, study, service, and fellowship. Our congregation includes folks young and old, from near and far. We have members whose parents were founders of this congregation and have never lived away from Indian Trail; and we have members who have come to us from Canada, Connecticut, Indiana, Nebraska, New York, South Africa, and Trinidad. We celebrate and thank God for the richness that our members bring from their experiences. We have a rich history of service and devotion to God, and we look to the future with excitement at the unlimited possibilities that God holds for us at the “rock” church.


The mission of Indian Trail Presbyterian Church is to glorify God and serve Jesus as a living sacrifice, sharing God’s grace and love with others.

We commit to being a church inspired and directed by a vision of Christian discipleship, which propels us on a serious commitment to love God, to love our neighbors, and to exercise faithful stewardship of the resources of the world. And believing there is not discipleship without discipline, we pledge to engage these principles God has ordained for our spiritual growth and to commend these discipline to all members of Indian Trail Presbyterian Church.

As we focus our attention on Advent this year, Please consider these reflections from the Advent series, Come, Lord Jesus, published by CTS Press. These will also be available in the narthex of the sanctuary.


One can find substantial benefits to realism; but if being a realist means forfeiting hope, we pay much too high a price. Realism puts us in touch with “the way things are”; but who among us wants to live without standing on tiptoe and stretching toward what we hope will be?

Realism often is too chained to the present. Hope, on the other hand, lifts us from the well-worn fields of non-negotiable facts and catapults us over the high fence of “business as usual.” Setting our sails to the winds of hope moves us beyond the inertia of a finished history into the open seas of fresh opportunities and new adventures to unfold.

Hope is a fire that burns away boredom.

Hope is a breath that gives new vitality.

Hope is a light that reveals what has been seen only from above.

Hope is a gift of God.

Come to give us hope angel & dove silhouette

$1 a Week for Christmas

If 50 people each gave $1.00 each for 50 weeks, there would be $2,500 in our Christmas fund, which is used to buy gifts each year for our Christmas families. Just put your dollar in one of the pew envelopes and write “Christmas” on the outside. Or, you can add it to your regular offering. One dollar per week is the goal. Give more or less as you feel inclined. If we all work together, every Christmas can be great!

Perpetual Food Drive

Baskets are available in the church vestibule for donations to our Perpetual Food Drive. Bring non-perishable, unexpired food items and place them in the baskets. Each month, the food collected is donated to Loaves & Fishes in Monroe, for distribution to the hungry of Union County.

Fall Festival & Craft Fair

This year marks the 8th annual ITPC Fall Festival & Craft Fair, featuring food, live music, games, and local artisans and vendors. The fun begins at 10am on October 19, 2019, and goes until 4pm. Bring the kids and their friends! Dogs are welcome, too!